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Automate and Grow Your Business
Streamline your Processes
Get more Freedom and Time
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We Can Help in 3 Ways


Book in your call so you can tell us about your unique business and where you want to go. The way we do business now has changed. Let's chat!

Action Plan Blueprint

We send you a FREE blueprint to follow that will put all the pieces together so you get more sales, consults and members.

Step By Step

We will show you how to execute your business blueprint? We show you how to execute each step in your business so you get more freedom and time!. 

Who is this for?

If you have an online presence and you want to grow your business then this is for you. If you feel your business could be doing better and you feel stuck and you want to grow and scale, then this is for you.







We are your LEAD TEAM - Bruce +  Ruthie Chant and we will help you to grow and scale your businesses with the power of clear strategy + automation. 

Here at LEAD we want to show you how to do this so you can increase your productivity as well as your profitability.

We do this by giving you a discovery session where we hear about you and your unique business. We put together a blueprint that outlines your action plan to get you there.

Finally, we show you how to execute your business blueprint. You will learn at your own pace how to streamline your processes and have key systems working 24/7 for you in your business! 

Talk soon,

Bruce + Ruthie

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