2. Make Yourself Available

In yesterday’s training we looked at attracting your avatar with a carefully designed lead magnet that is based on researching your targeted avatar. It speaks their language because you know who you are attracting. You know when you have attracted your lead when they want what you have and they request to download your lead magnet. Now you have “captured” your lead.

Today is a KEY component and one thing you can add to your website today. Once you have captured your lead you want to get on a call with your lead.

To give you back more hours in your week this is based on YOUR calendar and your availability. For example, I have set aside a few mornings per week where I can speak to my “captured” leads. I make myself available around my schedule to talk to people who are interested in Business Automation.

No more phone tag with prospects! Your calls are scheduled with leads who are already interested and want to get on a call with you! Best of all it’s based on YOUR availability…

I am strategic with how I spend my time and devote a couple of hours pre week to talking to people. If you don’t make this time available in your calendar then you will be playing phone tag with people who are interested.

This will only lead to frustration on your part or worse still both parties. So take the frustration out and get on a call for 30 minutes.

Here’s how to offer your prospective clients a seamless experience with you….

1. Work out your availability

Decide on a couple of hours to begin with when you are free and want to be on the phone. Make sure it’s quiet and you are able to talk uninterrupted.

2. Set up your Calendar

Chances are you have seen my booking page – if you haven’t you can check it out here. I have 30 minute appointments and when they are booked for the week that means people can go into my calendar and still book in with me. I usually only open it up for a few weeks so i can determine my schedule. I also put a limit on how many people I will chat to each week.

I use the Schedule Once Calendar. It integrates very well with all my other automation tools and has just given my users the best experience. It also integrates with my gmail calendar. I find clients can easily set it up and it’s just one of the best ways you can take more charge over your time.

3. Place a Book Call Button on Your Website

Once you have set it up it’s a matter of getting the embedded code and simply pasting it onto a page on your website.

4. Head Over for A Behind the Scenes Look

You can go into our facebook group and have a look at a demo of me walking your through this process. See how easy it is to do.

Here’s the link to the actual video inside our facebook group :0

See you there

Ruthie x

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