3. Automate Your Customer Experience

Once you have attracted your ideal client, made yourself available to get on the phone now what? Let’s talk about the experience your prospects and clients are having with you today.

Every person who wants to get your lead magnet is now someone who has an experience with you, your business and your brand. What experience do you give to your prospects.

Here’s where you deliberately plan and tailor an experience of your customer. You want to make doing business with you a pleasure and delight.

The Customer Journey so far looks a little like this…..

1. You have created a lead magnet that attracts your ideal client to you. It solves a problem, addresses some pain and adds value to teem.

2. You have made yourself available and set up an automated booking calendar that allows new leads to book themselves in at a date that works for them (and you). No more phone tag.

3. You have at the appointed time discussed the needs of a potential client on the phone and started to build a relationship with them. During this “Discovery Call” you are both working out if you are a good fit for each other. 

Remember your calendar can be used for people to book in meetings as well.

So far this is a great experience…… but now what?

Make it Easy for People to Do DO business with you…

In an ideal world your prospect will be ready to buy what you offer over the phone and on your discovery call. But this may not be the case. People are not ready to buy when you want. They are ready to buy when they are ready.

This brings me to understanding how to leverage the Customer Lifecycle. 

When you understand the customer lifecycle you can easily create an experience for them. 

At this stage you will have two separate groups that you are speaking.  You design you experience in a CRM – customer relationship management system. 

Firstly you are talking to people who are not ready to buy. You need to nurture these people to buy from you. People take time, they want to know more so you can provide an education series that help people to lear about who you are and what you offer. This communication is designed to help people to know, like and trust you.

Secondly you will have your buyers. These people buy straight away. The like what you do and what you offer. 

Looking at your business and the full lifecycle of a customer and design an experience for each stage of the customer lifecycle.

  1. Attract
  2. Capture Leads
  3. Nurture Relationship
  4. Convert Sales
  5. Deliver + Wow
  6. Upsell Offer
  7. Get referrals

In your business what are you doing at each stage?

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