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Hi I’m Bruce Chant, 

I have been working in the digital marketing space since 2006. I help business owners and managers, entrepreneurs & marketing professionals grow their business using customised strategies that deliver leads and sales.

I do this by sharing my experience working with some of Australia’s largest and most well loved brands and as well as dozens of everyday family businesses through our Lead Team resources. Your Lead Team that provides actionable, insightful training and coaching as well as comprehensive & customised done for you services.

Through our courses & services our goal is the same. To see your business operate smarter, become more visible to your market and deliver more leads and sales to see your business grow.

Don’t let the digital space overwhelm or confuse you. With the right direction and the right frameworks we can and will move the needle for business in what matters most to you.

I’ve had the pleasure of guiding countless business owners & managers along the journey of expanding their business using our proven strategies & services and it would be my pleasure to do the same for you.

Let’s do this, together.


Hi I’m Ruthie Chant,

I have been in the digital marketing space since 2010 when I created my first successful e-book selling thousands of copies. I pioneered an online meal planning membership that allowed my affiliates all over the world to benefit from this creation .

Since then I have continued to develop information products that have sold online for many years. Many of my single products making tens of thousands of dollars.

My training as a teacher has allowed me to digitally market my online courses through a membership site model.

I am experienced in helping businesses develop information products, create online courses. My passion is to help businesses automate and streamline their digital marketing. Automated processes that help businesses save time, money without the complete tech overwhelm.

I am passionate about turning ideas into reality using digital marketing….

Let’s get your business automated without the tech overwhelm! 

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