Digital Business Chat With Bruce

Lead Team would not be what it is today without the experience of both Bruce and Ruthie. Bruce has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing both as a business owner and as someone who has worked in large agencies. Here is an interview with Bruce!

Tell us about your experience Bruce?

I’ve been working in the digital marketing space for the past 12+ years. This has been in our own business as well as for one of Australia’s largest and most awarded digital agencies.

I was the Account Director and oversaw what went into the digital strategy behind some of Australia’s biggest brands with six and seven-figure budgets. It was a great insight into what the big spenders are doing digitally, and how anyone can do the same (even without the massive spend!)

How did you first start with digital business online?

I started playing around with websites in the late 90s. I enjoyed looking under the hood and seeing if I could replicate some of the cool sites that were popping up with some basic HTML and CSS. From there people I knew asked if I could create sites for them.

Around 2008 Ruthie had created a Meal Planning ebook. And trying to find out how to get traffic to the blog caused me to get interested in SEO. That led to a full-scale meal planning website which taught us a lot about online business, digital marketing and the pros and cons of it all as we launched other businesses and projects.

What sort of projects and businesses were they?

Ruthie has always been the ideas person in our marriage/partnership. Its been my job to add the marketing strategy to it. So we have had plenty of projects over the years. Some good, some we have learnt from!

Which ones have done best?

It might not have been the best. But out of my interest in SEO, I started a business called Brilliant Company. The main focus was around SEO and digital marketing.

I had a meeting with a gentleman one day and that turned into a pitch for me to bring the business into a publicly listed company he and a partner were going to re-list on the ASX as Australia’s largest digital marketing company. I had dreams of shares in this business making me rich so I jumped at it.

Unfortunately, the company didn’t make it. But I am a big believer that good things come out of everything and there were some great lessons to come out of it.

What are You Working on Now?

Currently, along with all we are doing here at Lead Team I service SEO clients over at Digital Dynamic. We provide SEO services to digital agencies and also to some select clients directly. What I love about SEO is seeing the impact you can have on a business’ leads and sales.

It’s the same driver that has me excited about the resources and services we are developing and have available here at Lead Team.

There is nothing better than seeing people’s business situation improve because of what they have learnt and applied!