Digital Business Chat with Ruthie

Lead Team would not be what it is today without the experience of both Bruce and Ruthie. Ruthie’s success in growing and scaling digital businesses would not be complete if we didn’t talk about where it all started. So here is an interview with Ruthie! 

When did you first start your digital business online?

I  started when I had my first baby and was a stay at home Mum. I created my first Meal Planning ebook in 2010 – 200 Weeknight Dinners. It was so exciting to be a Mum at home making an income from my ebooks. As this progressed I developed a Membership site focused on Online Meal Planning. Many, many valuable lessons were learnt during this season. 

What is your training?

I am a trained teacher and have taught for over a decade. During this time I started Starskills.

Starskills was born when I had my second child. It’s an amazing business that stands for  – Supporting, Teaching and Reaching Star Kids Instilling Lifelong Skills. Over the years it has just grown and developed. I still make money from the first resources I created all those years ago! My following has grown over the years and I expanded into Early Learning Professional Training.

We now have a range of Early Learning Resources for educators, parents, training and songs. I love early education it is one of my passions so this digital business allows me to create in a sphere I love.

After working full time I found out I was pregnant. During this season I knew that full time teaching was not for me and I wanted to be at home with my last little one! It was in this season that new dreams were full filled! I retrained + basically combined all my digital online skills into helping others get online. I got Starskills to a point it is 100% automated – we pay for NO traffic and have made over 300 sales this year. 

What are You Working on Now?

I love it when business owners start get create businesses that actually work through smart automation. There is a right way to build and a wrong way! I love it when owners understand that their website is not a brochure but it is a 24/7 money making machine! Years of frustration and disappointment turns into being able to spend more time with family and have more freedom in life! This is me is priceless.c

At the moment I am working with larger organisations to improve systems and admin burden. However I love working with smaller businesses because when I help these individuals I am actually helping families. There is nothing more precious than being able to spend more time with family while having a business that is working for you! 

Bruce and I continue to create training that will actually HELP businesses! Simple no fluff training that any business owner can do and EXECUTE in their business!