Lead Team Funnel

We take our name from the fact, YOU WANT LEADS.

As good as your website looks, as sharp as your branding is, as hard as your team hustles…What you want is LEADS. 

We decided to remove doubt. Get rid of the confusion. And from the ground up, build a system that does what you want. Deliver leads.

I’m sure you’ve spent too many marketing dollars trying to move the needle. I’m sure you’ve had great hopes; “finally, this time, this strategy is the one for us”. Only to be disappointed. And to know why it failed.

We get it. We believe you should be able to see what you spent your budget on, and exactly what it delivered as a result. So we designed a marketing system to make it happen.

We Call it the lead Funnel system

Created off the back of what we do best, we designed an end to end system that takes account of:

  • The two primary ways your prospective clients/customers interact with you online
  • What a conversion funnel looks like for your industry (not one size fits all)
  • How to engage traffic by identifying their key motivations
  • Multi – channel approach for maximum effectiveness.
  • Conversion strategy and design to achieve greater results

The Lead Funnel System Takes The Guesswork Out Of Your Digital Marketing

Too much digital marketing is left to assumption.

In other words, your digital agency is saying to you “We will get you traffic. It’s up to you what happens from there.”

 We assume that everything happens as it should from the point we hand it back to you, the client. From experience, we know this results in balls being dropped, gaps discovered in what was promised and what was delivered, and all-around growing frustration.

We thought, there’s got to be a better way.

The Lead Funnel System closes the gap and removes the frustration through a system that is designed to deliver you leads – not traffic, not clicks, not rankings alone. Each step is designed, created, tested and measured to ensure we maximise the time, effort and budget you are sinking into your digital marketing.

Not only that, we report on and show you what’s happening each step of the way so the confusion you felt during your past marketing is consigned to the history bin!

The Lead Funnel System maximises your bang for buck

You work hard to get eyeballs on your business. The lead Funnel System capitalises on that hard work.

Our system is designed to be optimised. We test and measure each step of the way. We want the results our system produces to grow over time, as your business grows.

What does this look like? Our Done – For – You system manages and optimises the following: 

TRAFFIC – Each Lead Funnel System includes a traffic channel. That mean s we set up a channel to attract and drive relevant traffic (prospective clients!) to your site.

ENGAGEMENT – Once the user hits your site, what next? We want to engage them. We use custom designed landing pages, lead magnets, and array of other proven engagement tools and strategies to help the person take the next step.

CONVERSION – We work with you to define and clarify what a win looks like for your business. This is a LEAD.But we also want to deliver qualified, ready to sign leads not just a name and an email. Leads that are READY to GO is our goal.


The Lead Funnel System is built and designed for your industry

But will it work for me? Yes, we are pretty confident it will.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses in the digital marketing space and so we understand how each industry has its unique challenges and opportunities. Our Lead Funnel System looks different for each industry so that your business and offer, clicks with the right market.

The Lead Funnel System will work for law firms, finance companies, dentists, optometrists, medical professionals, building companies, consultants + coaches, accounting + taxation, trades of all types, mobile businesses, service based businesses, retail, professional services, real-estate professionals, agency businesses and many many more.

Why Choose The Lead Funnel System

  • Over 13 Years of Digital Marketing experience
  • Hundreds of businesses helped + grown
  • End to end digital marketing system
  • Deal with real leads, not just data on a report

You want this…. 

Schedule a quick Strategy Call and we would be happy to discuss how we could work with you